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1" x 1" Nipple
1" x 1" Nipple..
1" x 3/4 Bush
1" x 3/4 Bush..
1" x 3/4 Reducing Nipple
1" x 3/4 Reducing Nipple..
100mm Poly drain 20m
100mm Socked
100 mm Drain Coil with Filter Sock for Behind Retaing Walls French Drains Etc..
12mm Bug Cap
12mm Click-On Joiner with Bug Cap..
12mm Hose Clamp
12mm Hose Clamps Pkt of 2..
12mm Screw-on Hose Joiner
Neta 12mm Screw-on Hose Joiner for repair or join 2 hoses..
12x18m Evergreen Hose
18m Reinforced Hose with fittings..
13mm Barbed Clickon Joiner
13mm Barb to 12mm Click-On Poly to Hose Conector..
13mm Barbed Elbow
13mm Barb Elbow..
13mm Barbed End Plug x 2
13mm Barbed End Plug Sold in packs of 2..
13mm Barbed Joiner
13mm Barbed Joiner..
13mm Barbed Tee
13mm Barbed T..
13mm Click-on Connector
13mm Click-on Connector..
13mm Garden Poly Pipe 20m
13mm x 20m Garden Poly for Domestic Irrigation..
13mm In-Line Filter
13mm Inline Filter..
13mm In-Line Valve
13mm In-line Valve..
13mm Pipe Saddle Clamp
13mm Pipe Saddle..
13mm Pipe-Ratchet Clip x 10
13mm Ratchet Clip Sold in Packs of 10..
13mm Tail x 1/2"
13mm Tail to 1/2 Male Thread..
13mm Two End Coupler
12mm Click-On 2-End Coupler..
180 One Piece Spray Jet
Micro Spray Jet 180'..
18mm Hose Clamp
18mm Worm Drive Hose Clamp..
19mm Barbed Elbow
19mm Barbed Elbow..
19mm Barbed Joiner
19mm Barbed Joiner..
19mm Barbed Plug x 2
19mm Barbed End Plug Sold in Packs of 2..
19mm Barbed Tee
19mm Barbed T..
19mm Click-On Connector
19mm Click-on Connector..
19mm Click-On Joiner
Click-on Joiner 19mm..
19mm Garden Poly Pipe 20m
19mm x 20m Poly Irrigation Pipe..
19mm In-Line Filter
19mm In-Line Filter..
19mm In-Line Valve
19mm In-Line Valve..
19mm Pipe Ratchet Clip x 10
19mm Ratchet Clip Sold in Packs of 10..
19mm Pipe Saddle Clamp
19mm Pipe Saddle..
19mm Tail x 1/2" Male Thread
19mm tail to 1/2 Thread..
19mm x 1/2" BSP Male Elbow
19mm x 1/2 Threaded Elbow..
19mm x 1/2" BSP Male Tee
19mm x 1/2 T..
19mm x 13mm Reducing Joiner
19mm to 13mm Reducing Joiner..
19mm x 13mm Reducing Tee
19mm to 13mm Reducing T..
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