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Budgie Mix 20kg
Premium Budgie Mix..
Canary & Finch Mix 20kg
Comlete Canary & Finch Mix..
Chick Starter 18kg
Chick Starter Complete Chick ration up to 3 Months..
Chum Beef Bone Veg 20kg
Balance Ration for all Dogs..
Free Range Layer Mix 18kg
A scatching mixture of whole & cracked Grains..
Gamebird Layer & Grower
High Energy Feed for Growing & Laying Gamebirds..
Grower Crumbles 20kg
Complete Ration for Chicks from 3 to 6 Months of age..
Large Parrot Mix 20kg
Parrot Mix for Large Parrots..
Layer Meal 20kg
Layer Pellets 14% 20kg
Mid Range Layer Mix 14% Protein..
Layer Pellets High Energy 20kg
High Energy Layer Pellets 18% Protein..
Pigeon Mix 20kg
Complete grain mix for all types of Pigeons..
Shell Grit Medium 10kg
Medium Shell Grit..
Small Parrot Mix 20kg
Parrot Mix for Smaller Parrots..
Wheat 20kg
Whole Wheat Grain 20kg bag..
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